*All students who take Modern/Lyrical are required to take ballet.


$11 for 1/2 hour class.

$13 for 45 minute class.

$15 for 1 hour class.

Classes listed together such as "Ballet and Tap" or "Tap and Jazz", may be taken separately, but will cost $11.00 per class.

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Classical Ballet Technique: Ages 3 to ADult

There are four distinct ballet techniques- The classic Italian Cecchetti method, the graceful French, with an emphasis on the Strong Russian (Vaganova) technique and the Royal. Classes include barre work, across the floor, and center work. The emphasis is correct placement and natural alignment with movement quality and musicality. Focus on port de bras, pirouettes, petite and grande allegro (small and large jumps), adagioes, and variations (pieces from full length ballets).

Jazz Technique: Ages 3 to Adult

Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Theater Dance, and Lyrical. If you dream about being on Broadway, in videos, or in a dance company- Jazz is it! The warm up utilizes both jazz and ballet stretches to improve the dancers "center body" strength and grounding sense. Our fast paced, athletic style jazz class encompasses all types of music with emphasis placed on pirouettes/turns, jumps, kicks/extension, isolations, and dynamics. The class focuses on expanding jazz vocabulary and refining performance technique.

Acro/Gymnastics: Ages 3 to Young Adult

Our formal class consists of stretching/conditioning, tumbling (forward and backward rolls), cartwheels, limbers, back walk-overs, front and back handsprings, and aerials to name a few. Executing gymnastic techniques and floor routines.


You'll be delighted to see how quickly you can learn steps, rhythms, and breaks in Ballroom Dancing. We teach the Fox-Trot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Mambo, Swing, Meringua,  Samba, Hustle, and Salsa.

Tap Technique: Ages 3 to Adult

Tap Dancing is America's most popular form of theater dance. It is for boys and girls; for children and adults. In short, tap dancing is for just about everyone! Our formal tap class consists of exercises at the barre, exercises in the center, traveling steps (including turns) across the floor, combinations and routines in the center. Depending on the level of dance, tap is taught in single, double, triple, double triplets, and syncopated triplets, which is essential and the most difficult to execute.

Modern Technique: Ages 3 to Adult

Modern is one of the strongest forms of dance expression. Executing these movements are technically lengthening and strengthening to the body. We incorporate the styles of Martha Graham, and Horton. The class includes center work, across the floor and a combination.